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My Application


The Basics (You will not be judged on these)
Name: Dixy (nickname is Kitty)
Age: 15
Location: El Paso, Texas
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Favourite Band of all time I honestly can never decide between Bright Eyes and The Postal Service.

Favourite song of all time/right now Brand New Colony- By The Postal Service

What was your first concert? Taking Back Sunday about 3 years ago.

Band you remember listening to in your earlier years Eve 6. It was the first rock band I ever listened to and I loved their self-titled cd.

Favourite Bands, and a couple that we might not have heard before/are not on MTV: Bright Eyes, The Postal Service, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Broken Shackles, Everyday Sunday, The Micah Tawlks Band

Favourite Books: The Catcher in the Rye, Catch-22, Collections of Edgar Allen Poe, Collections of William Shakespeare, Lord of the Ring Trilogy, Collections of Mark Twain, The Lorax

Favourite Movies: Lord of the Rings (all 3), Fight Club, The Matrix, Super Troopers, Pearl Harbor, A Beautiful Mind,

Favourite Celebrity: (Your definition of a ‘celebrity’) Eliza Dushku. Aside from being a great actress, she cares a lot about the people around her and I think she has a good soul. I have thought this way ever since I found out that to this day (since childhood) she still takes the time to visit a center for deaf children. I really dislike when celebrities do not take time to help the people or environment around them just because they are rich and famous.

Favourite TV show: Just Shoot Me. It never fails to make me smile.

Favourite colour: Midnight Blue and/or Silver.

Opinions on:

Downloading Music: I am actually for downloading music. It is a great way for us to hear songs of certain bands and fall in love with them. Once that happens, then people are likely to go buy that band's cd. Since not many people would just go and buy a cd and hope that the music on it is good, downloading music is a great way for people to hear a band and fall in love with it, therefore helps promote bands.

Why do you think the United States has 25% more murders (according to populations) than the United Kingdom? Well, I will not say I know much about this issue. But from what I have learned in history class, The U.K has more gun control than we do here in the United States. If it is easier for someone to gain access to a gun, then it is more likely that they will do it and murder somebody or that they will try to rob some store and shoot a clerk.

What do you think is the cause for school shootings? What could be done to prevent this? We talked about this in my debate class. The way I see it, the issue isn't so much that the students get teased and bullied around, but its more of a lack of discipline and ethics in our schools. If students were better educated about ethics and better disciplined then maybe it wouldn't be such a big issue. I mean, I myself get teased a lot at school but I don't automatically bring a gun or knife to school and kill the people who teased my. Why? Simply because I have ethics and values. School shootings could be prevented if the parents simply took the time and dedication to raise their kids with strong morals and values.

Guns? I am very undecided about the whole gun control vs. gun rights issues right now. On one hand, ft if the U.S. had better gun control maybe we wouldn't have such high murder/crime/school shooting rates. But on the other hand, guns aren't only used for crime but in many cases are also used for self-defense. I'm sorry but right now, this is the one issue where I am still struggling to choose a side on.

The Homeless/Poverty in General: The homeless/Poverty is a very tragic issue not only in my society but in the world. I live in a city that is connected/a sister city with Mexico and I have gotten a chance to see poverty not onlyhere in the U.S. but in a whole other country. The truth is, most homeless people are actually very kind-hearted, honest people who usually just chose to put morals over greed. I volunteer at soup kitchens with my church often and I also help with taking food to a lot of these families that are homeless and/or live in poverty, both here in Texas and in Juarez, Mexico. I think more people should take time out of their life to help the homeless.

Religion (What is your particular religious orientation, if any? Defend your stance.): My mother was born and raised a Catholic but when I was about 5 years old, she converted to christianity. Although my mom has always amde me go to churd with her, I never really believed in God until when I was about eight years old and decided to accept Jesus into my heart. For two years after that I prayed to God everyday and grew strong in him. Then I turned 10 and something horrible happened and I pulled away from God and left my christian religion. About a month ago I came back to christianity and I am now struggling to find God again and develop a good relationship with him. I think that each person has their own time, own religion, and their own way to come to it. I do not push my religion into other people/bug them to believe in it and neither do I like it when people do that to me. I love the fact that I live in a country where each person can choose for themselves what they want to believe in and what god they choose to serve. We are all different people with different lifestyles, morals and opinions and I try to respect that.

Self-Injury (Please tell us your opinion on this, not if you do or not): First of all, I hear people in my debate class talk about how this kind of issue is "stupid" and "immature" when really it is a very serious, unhealthy issue. It's a way that people try to deal with their emotional pain a lot, and the truth is, it has now even become something 'cool" to do in today's society. This is very wrong and unhealthy. I am not sure why anybody would cut themselves just to be part of the "cool" crowd. It is very sad and is often overlooked by parents and friends whenthey know someone cuts themselves because they think it is just a "phase" they will get over. Although that is the case sometimes, it isn't the case all the time and people should never overlook something so serious!

Keeping pets: I am an animal lover. At one point I had four dogs, six cats, two rabbits, and four turtles. My mom made me get rid of all my pets though. That doesn't stop me from wanting to be around animals though. Every summer I usually take care of my neighbors two dogs while they go away on vacation. I am also a member of PETA and send a $15 monthly contribution. I love animals and I think that all animals should have a home and be cared for and loved.

Do you give to charity? Why or why not?: I don't give to charity completely straight from my pocket, but I help my church fundraise money to give to different charities such as Dame La Mano, Red Cross, Homeless Shelters, and Battered Women Shelters.

If the answer is no because you yourself have no money, would you if you had the money?: If I had money myself to give to charities straight from my pocket, I would. I already donate more than 1/2 of my allowance to the charity-fundraisers at church.

Disabled People: This is a very sad issue here in the U.S. People with disabilities are helped and cared for until they turn 21, then they are "released" into the world with no real knowledge or way of caring for themselves. I think it is very important that we as humans try to help each other and i think we should help take care of them more than we do. There are several programs out there though, to help disabled people and that makes me happy.

War: I don't know much about war but I know that is a horrible, horrendous thing. i have read many stories in books about war and i am simply apalled and disgusted with so much of it. I have also heard stories from my friend's grandfather who was in a war and he tells us so many things that I never could imagine. There has to be a better way for us humans to solve conflicting issues/problems than that.

Eating Disorders: Just like with the self-mutilation issue, eating disorders rates are beggining to raise in numbers more and more each year. I wrote a story for the school newspaper last month on this issue and I was shocked with some of the statistics that I learned, It is very sad that someone feels so uncomfortable with their body that they feel they have to stop eating alltogether or throw up after every meal. That is very unhealthy and can be fatal. There are so many other ways that a person ( and I say person since eatings disorders are beggining to increase in boys, too) can lose weight if he/she really wants to, like exercising more, eating in smaller portions, and cutting down on junk food and fast food. Schools should have more awareness about the dangers of eating disorders and alternative ways to lose weight.

Your Society: My society actually depresses me. We are very materialistic and have begun to care less and less about morals each generation. You have to be dressed in certain designer clothes and be wearing a certain kind of shoes in order to be considered a "pretty" or "cool" person. We have begun to ignore the importance of a person's personality and soul. It seems we do not know the meaning of the word 'selflessness'

The Nitty Gritty [ Please be honest, we’re not here to judge… oh, okay, we are, but honesty will always work in your favour…)

Do you pick your nose?: Not really

When was the last time you wet yourself (inc. bed)? I honestly can't remember when.

What do you do with your toe-nail clippings? Put them in the garbage can. They usually fall right into it since I clip my toe-nails right above a trash can.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten: Grass. I was sleep walking (I tend to do that a lot) and I woke up eating grass and threw up!

Is there anything you wouldn’t eat for a million pounds/dollars? A human brain.

Do you wash your hands after you wipe? Always. It was something I was taught to do since I was little.

Do you squeeze your zits? I don't really get zits, but when I do I just leave them alone.

More About You

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in life? As of right now, it is probably all of the people I have gotten to help through the different church activities I participate in.

What is your biggest regret in life? Not helping a bestfriend when I had the chance to.

If you could change one thing about yourself, outside or in, what would it be? My self-esteem. It is very low and prevents me from so many things!

Where do you hope to be in 10 years time? Hopefully graduated from college, married, and working with something I will enjoy.

What is your place in life? i am not too sure what you mean by this question but I will try my best. Right now my place in life is a student, girlfriend, church fundraiser treasurer, and school-newspaper editor.

Describe yourself in 5 words: compassionate, humble, caring, open-minded, opinionated

How would you like to be remembered? As someone who helped and cared deeply for the people and the Earth around her.

Extended Questions (We want thorough detailed explanations)

What do you hope to accomplish in your life? I hope that I get to help a lot more people than I get to help now. But also to help protect the world around me from pollution and global warming and to help animals from extinction.

Talk about one thing you feel strongly about. Why do you feel this way? Our Earth. It is something that so many of us take for granted everyday. It is very important that we help protect our rainforests from being destroyed and help protected the Earth from pollution. People should recycle and care about Earth/Environment Issues because we can't let our home be destroyed!

What makes you ‘you' Probably my compassion, my ability to listen to people and not judge, and my strong concerns for the Earth.


Who do you live with? My mother and my older brother, Ken.

How old is Julia? she is 86

Apples or bananas?: Apples.

Worst habit: Biting my nails.

Best Feauture: My eyes.

Finish the sentences:

If you ever swallow a hippo just remember: don't throw it back up.

I cannot stand: egoistic people.

I absolutely adore: compassionate, humble people.

Marcus met an alligator half a mile from the equator: and pet him

I think that: people should always be themselves

You should accept me because: I am dedicated and caring

Question Of The Week:
What do you think of hippies? I don't really know much about them or have anything against them but I am against drugs.

Your ability to judge others fairly:
Read the last application to be added to the community, dont read the comments of others:

Of their answers, which did you most agree with? [btw it was catastrophe101's application] Honestly? The answer to the question about their Favorite Movies. I'm sorry, I just don't think that I like any of her other answers

Which did you least agree with? Mostly all of them, but especially her answer to Eating Disorders which was Eating Disorders: Bad. Most of the people who have them aren't even overweight and what does that say to actually overweight people? And they're unhealthy and such, so I think they're stupid" As I previously mentioned before, I really hate it when people call serious issues "stupid"

What do you think of their ‘favourites’? Well what really irritated me is that she picked her favorite celebrity because of looks.

What stood out most about their application? (can be good or bad) The ignorance really. I don't want to be mean, but she really doesn't know what she is talking about and doesn't give many detailed answers...

Overally, would you vote them yes or no? A No

5 clear reasons as to why:
1) She called a serious disorder/issue stupid
2) She based her favorite celebrity on looks which is very shallow.
3) Her answers weren't really detailed
4) Contradicts answers (in one answer she states she doesn't care what people think about her and in an another she says she hates it when people think she is stupid or ugly)
5) Didn't have any opinion on the Downloading Music question


This is a picture of me and the foreign exchange student from Brazil from last year. It was because of him that my eyes were opened to all of the deforestation that is going on and its causes.
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