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The Basics (You will not be judged on these)
Name kassandra
Age: 14
Location: n.c
Sex: female

Favourite Bands, and a couple that we might not have heard before/are not on MTV: relient k , d 12 , somthing corprate

Favourite Books: a door near here , hp , the shadow child series, gingerbread/shrimp and a lot morre

Favourite Movies: secret garden 2 , fox and the hound , my life as a house

Favourite Celebrity: (According to your definition of a ‘celebrity’) eminem

Favourite TV show: gilmore girls

Favourite colour: blueish

Opinions on:

Downloading Music: i think its ok if
A.) you already bought the cd but lost it so u arent really stealing it

B.) you payed to down loaed it  

The Homeless: I feel sorry for them and i think that people who think its the homelesses fault they are homeless need to find out what its like to have no money and no family to takeyou in

Religion:im a christain . i dont believe in that whole denomination thing like baptize ,methides and things like that im non-denominational but i think that every 1 has diffrenet thoughts on stuff and od course most ppl what other people to join theyre religon and i think its ok as long as you let that person make thier own desicon about it because if your to hard on them they are just going to think that its a horrible religon with horrible people and if they dont choses your religon u should still love them any ways

Self-Injury: well self mutilation is a psychological disorder and i think that if you have it you should really get some help because it is easy to kill your self and not mean to . im not saying theres anything wrong with the people , a lot of my friends do it and i understand its one of thoes thngs that people will not want anyone to no about and want people who do no about them to not talk about it but i just sayin that based on what ive read and expereniced you should go to long with this by yourself

Keeping pets: i love pets ! i am very for animal rights so if you mean keeping pets that are going to be in a zoo or circus or any thing like that then thats just sad but keeping demestic animals in your house a treating them as part of the family and not just a pice of property then yes im all for it !

Charity: charity is only good for thoes smart enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth

Disabled People:they deserive the same amount of respect as any other person . i dont think that they should be treated any difrenet . theres tis boy at my school ( in my gym and earth science class ) , Zach , and hes disabled and theres some people i talk to during gym who watch him and they are like " why does he try to do stuff he cant do " ( he has 3 fingures on each hand and is stick thin ) and its things like that that make me mad but thats not saying that if he gets in my face i wont get in his he has a bad adittude but i wouldnt ever get in a fight with him just playing around  

War: was is stupod . its the biggest wast of time there ever was thats all i have to say in that

Being vegetarian: i have no promblom with that a lot of my friends are ( they're harichristan ) and they still have a big veriaty of foods they can eat and a lot of them are so good and i would have never know they exsisted if it wasnt for them

Eating Disorders: i think that the dact people fell that killing them selfs through starving/puking just ti have contorl of sumthing in thier life is a really sad thing and i wish there was somhig i could do to help people with these probloms

Your Society: my society ? im not sure what that means but if its talking about my community id have to say  ... that the people here are to quick to judge other people and they are to out spoken for their own good ( that includes me to some piont )

The Nitty Gritty (Please be honest, we’re not here to judge… oh, okay, we are, but honesty will always work in your favour…)

Do you pick your nose?: nope

When was the last time you wet yourself (inc. bed)? ummmmmm sense i was 8 wow that was a while ago  

What do you do with your toe-nail clippings? ummm put them in the trash

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten: when i was in elementry school we used to pit all of the food from the ' hot lunches ' on one plate and one kid out of the group had to eat it ... i was selected a few times

Is there anything you wouldn’t eat for a million pounds/dollars? fish ( long story but im sooooo scared of fish )

Do you wash your hands after you wipe? most the time

Do you squeeze your zits? i dont really get zits ...

More About You

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in life? making a B in english ( in case you havent noticed im not the best with gramar or spelling )

What is your biggest regret in life? to many to pick from

If you could change one thing about yourself, outside or in, what would it be? i would make my fingures a lol bit longer so it would be easyer to hit the right notes on my viola

Where do you hope to be in 10 years time? in a mental hospital helping children with probloms

What is your place in life? i dont know  

Describe yourself in 5 words: fun , caring , indescribeable , moody , emotional

How would you like to be remembered? i really font care how i am remembered as long as they remember me like johnny said in pirates of the caribean " but you have heard of me "

Extended Questions (We want thorough detailed explanations)

What do you hope to accomplish in your life? i hope to make the viola more widly know , i want people to know that the diffrenece between viola and violin is important that violas have it harder than violins the violas are havyer , tuned an ovtive higher and soooo much more and if people know that when i die than i will be so happy

Talk about one thing you feel strongly about. Why do you feel this way? aside from the whole viola thing _ i feel strongly about animal rights . i feel that they have just as much right to have a happy piceful life as we do but mostly im agianst animal testing thats the most crulest thing ever !  and i really dont see the point in it because they are animals THEY ARE DIFFRENT THEN US  

What makes you ‘you' what makes me 'me' is my dna lol no umm idk itd probabaly be that im that girl at school that can go from group to group and know every one in the groups and not care what they look like or what they are waring


Who do you live with? my grandparents and my mo and my brother

What do you look for in a guy/girl? i just look at the personality basicaly that they dont treat me like im nothing and that they are honest and loyal and caring and they HAVE TO LOVE KIDS !

Who is your best friend? macKenzie

How old is Julia? 86 ( if im wrong im sry i did read the rules i just have a bad memory ) 

Apples or bananas?: bananas

Worst habit: talking while other ppl are talking

Best Feauture: my fingures

Finish the sentences:

If you ever swallow a hippo just remember: that the hospital is three lefts than a right down I 95  

I cannot stand:with to broken legs 

I absolutely adore: you

Marcus met an alligator half a mile from the equator:, and they got maried the next day it was a small but touching wedding  

I think that: i love you

You should accept me because:i accepted you  

Question Of The Week:
How do you feel about Euthanasia? i havent really been able to study this like i should b 4 anwering it ( and i will read more and come back with a better answer ) but rom what i read in the small paragraph i read its bad :-/

Your ability to judge others fairly:
Read the last application to be added to the community, dont read the comments of others:

Of their answers, which did you most agree with?  the self mutilation one

Which did you least agree with? i didnt really disagree with any but to go with the glo ill say the religion one because of how at the end he just said hed like to change religions

What do you think of their ‘favourites’?  i think he has a few books on there i should read

What stood out most about their application? (can be good or bad) really good spelling and gramar :-/  

Overally, would you vote them yes or no?  yes

5 clear reasons as to why:  because they had really good answers that were backed up pretty well , they openly admitted th picked thier noise , they have the same food they wouldnt eat as i do , had words to discribe her self that i havent seen other places , and because she had the time ( and i promise i will to but its really later rite now ) to find out what euthanasia is


shows what happens to the poor animals the experiment on



( i would just like to apolgise for my spelling )  and if i left ne thing out tell me plz  >

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