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The Basics
Name: Nina
Age: 17
Location: Wales, uk! Woot!
Sex: Female

Favourite Bands, and a couple that we might not have heard before/are not on MTV: Truth be known I have no particular favourite band. You're asking me to be honest in order to be judged but I can't really consider myself a fan of a band if I only know like two of their songs. Plus my favourites change all the time. Hmm, but some that come to mind. Del Amitri, Tina Arena, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Greenday, Jatt, Supertramp (because I laugh every time they play XD), UB40, U2 (I rather like oldies), Tanita Tikaram, Adema, D'Angelo, En Vogue, Travis, Queen... heh. Based on the songs I know anyway.

Favourite Books:
-High Five
-The Years of Rice and Salt
-The owl who was afraid of the dark
-Ych a fi

Favourite Movies:
-Schindler's List
-The Road to El Dorado (Don't bash 'till you see it!)
-The Hole
-Quest for Fire
-The Shining

Favourite Celebrity:
-Bryan Singer. He's my favourite director. Worked on such movies as X-men and X2. You see him at work and he just has such passion for it. I love hos dedicated he is. He REALLY gets into it. He knows what he talking about, has amazing ideas and what he does, he wants it to be done well and no less... I think it'd be really great to work with him. Or even meet him one day. That would definitely make it worth while.

Favourite TV show:
-They think it's all over

Favourite colour:

Opinions on:

Downloading Music: Meh. I download music all the time. Truth is it's not so much of a problem that it should be made illegal. These people get enough money as it is and the fact of the matter is MOST people would much rather buy the CD for all the special stuff that comes with it and also that they just can't be bothered to put the effort into downloading it in the first place.

...well yeah.

The Homeless: Hmm, well more homes should be provided, at least some help. We don't even know if some of them even want help that's given to them. How do we really know how they got there in the first place? It had to happen somehow. They're either old, going senile or mentally disabled or just unemboyed and can't do a thing about it. If they really want to stay there the least we can do is provide a blanket. I'm sure the people who leave food... I wouldn't exactly want somebody's left-overs. More haircuts, jackets, aid them in looking presentable and HELP them get jobs. If not, just a bed for the night. I don't really know enough about this.

Religion: Everybody is entitled to their opinions. I don't agree with enforcing your beliefs onto others. Lots of the larger religions have good teachings, but why don't their followers follow as their holy books say they should? More people would be forgiven, right? So many wars are caused by religion. That's their bad followings again. People take it too seriously. Have you ever seen it when people are arguing, for example maybe over homosexuality it turns into a large war when they start reciting passages of the bible to each other? Doesn't that make the bible contradictory to itself? One day I'd like to convert to buddhism because they're so peaceful. One with nature. Sikhism is good. It was created by Guru Nanak who took the good teachings from both Islam and Hinduism during the 1400s. Now THERE'S a good follower. Follower enough to pick out the good teachings from the bad. Sikhs are quite peaceful, too...

Self-Injury: It's all apsychological thing. If you're upset somebow and you happen to bump your elbow on the corner of a table your emotional pain is suddenly replaced by physical pain. I guess I can see where it's coming from but although it might be forgotten now the emotional pain is still there. It's not forgotten. I have a right mind to say I don't agree with it but that's e saying I'd never do it to myself. You can't stop other epople from doing it. I mean it's pretty damn difficult to make it illegal. A bit like the stupid law in America that if you attempt suicide the punishment is death. You know what I'm saying?

Keeping pets: Only if you can look after them. Treat them well and keep them happy. If you don't fit this criteria then you're not fit to keep a pet. One of the reasons I'd never keep a dog. 1, they're too big. 2, we're always out and we'd be having to keep it in the house, 3, when would we ever find time to walk it? I mean come on. I think it'd be pretty cruel for the dog if I'd ever decide to get one. I wouldn't know how to look after it anyway. I like my cat. She comes and goes, she practically looks after herself, we keep her bowl full, we give her attention and we always leave the window open for her to roam free while we're away at work or at college, etc.

Charity: Charity is good. More people should give to people who need it.
Did you know that if you have a bed, food in your fridge and a wardrobe full of clothes you're actually richer than 70% of the world's population? So what about the other 70%? Surely we have enough to give? I gave awy 1/2 my wardrobe to charity. I put money in boxes. I'll admit I should give more. You think not celebrities giving money. It's not really much compared to what they have. It seems kinda selfish really, doesn't it? All for the publicity, right? But then again, the publicity is good for the charity itself. The charity gets more publicity and so gets more money.
-They should really tell you what your money is going towards. I know it says it's going towards this charity but it should say what exactly it's going to be spent on that will actual help!

Disabled People: ...A lot of people have accidents youn. It's rather like throwing your life away. But there's not a lot we can do about people actually BECOMING disable. I suppose we should concentrate on what we should do after it's happened. For people in wheelchairs, provide more disabled access, make room for the blind man, be understood by the deaf man, don't judge. Just because somebody is disabled doesn't mean they're stupid. Don't talk to them like theyre stupid. Somebody's leg has nothing to do with their brain, now, does it? Look at Steven Hawkins! He has a machine to talk for him and yet his IQ is over 200 something! Smartest known man on this here damn planet.

War: War is disgusting. Cause by religion and other factors. Disagreements. They say to settle disputes through talking and not through fighting. How are we premoting this? Oh yes. Guns, shooting people, bombing people... What have these children done?These children know nothing, they're getting hurt because their elders have a disagreement with another old man that means nothing to them. Act like adults for god's sake.(

-The Japanese during the 2nd world war. Some people say they deserved everything they got. But seriously, not one more better than the other. The American planes came down and burned down entire villages of innocent people. Just because they 'supported' their soldiers. What kind of treatment is that? They're followers of propaganda. They can't exactly NOT support their soldiers lest they be shot! These people's lives were destroyed. And it still happens. Leaders should duel. They just dictate their people to fight for them while they sit happily in their learge chairs smoking a cigar. Disgusting.

Being vegetarian: I say no problem with it. Just don't tell me killing a chicken or a cow from a farm is wrong because we have to eat something. That's what farms are for. Kill to eat. Lions do it. Never kill something unless you're going to eat it. I've lived by that my whole life. I don't kill flies, spiders, beetles, ants or anything. I mean I accidently step on snails in the dark but that's different. I didn't do it on purpose.

Eating Disorders: It's all psychological. How people are represented in medias. Beautiful women shoved in our faces day in day out, TV, magazines. How people 'should' look. That's what this is about. The best song ever. "Sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann
-Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.

Your Society: Money. It's all about money. Money to life. The world revolves around money. Money is power, money is respect. I don't know. Our society right now, us in Britain. They're too busy trying to please other people before trying to please themselves. Blair is standing in Bush's shadow. Seemingly that's where he likes to stay. They banned the St. George's flag in manchester because they thought it was racist. I mean seriously to WHO?! It's the English flag in England! Who's insulted? If it's a bother, move out of England! There was an advertising poster, possibly of that naked perfume lady with the red hair. Something like that. They'd been getting complaints for years from the Church, when it'd be displayed outside a church. Nothing done. One complaint from a Mosque and out it goes. What makes one religion more special than the other? Don't displease the muslims. That's what you're too busy trying to do. No, don't displease these Christians. Just hang it somewhere else.
-BTW, I hate those trucks from That's disgusting. Who wants that to drive past your window, enforcing your beliefs on others? Believe what you want. But let me believe what I want, too.
(Ooh, screaming, sounds like England just scored... ^_^)

The Nitty Gritty

Do you pick your nose?: I have my nose pierced. Sometimes you have to. It itches.

When was the last time you wet yourself (inc. bed)? -I have no idea. When I was ill. Loose bowels came with throwing up. It was disgusting.

What do you do with your toe-nail clippings? Throw them away, in a nearby bin or behind furniture... ick, kind of disgusting now that I think about it.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten: Hmm... Those really weird sweets I brought back from holland once. You suck it for long enough it's suddenly just like an explotion of yuck.

Is there anything you wouldn’t eat for a million pounds/dollars? The poison part of a puffer fish. I'm sorry but instant death is not worth a million if you only have a day to do it.

Do you wash your hands after you wipe? Of course. I'm one of the few people that do. I hate it when people just go and then walk out. You ahvw to touch the handle after they have with their urine-covered hands!

Do you squeeze your zits? Honestly? On occasion...

More About You

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in life? Following through with what I believe. Don't let old issues hold me back. Continue with what I'm doing and do it well.

What is your biggest regret in life? Never giving myself that last phone call before my nana passed away.

If you could change one thing about yourself, outside or in, what would it be? I'd like to work as hard as I know I can.

(screaming... sounds like England scored again!)

I know as well as I can do but I know I get lazy.

Where do you hope to be in 10 years time? This is a toughie. Enjoying myself, doing something I love. I'd like to be a film maker. Part of the production team able to tell people 'yeah, that was me'.

What is your place in life? Student... doing mosly what I can for myself while I still have the chance. I have no real commitments to anything but myself. So I'm going to take advantage of that and get as far as I can.

Describe yourself in 5 words:
1- Fickle
2- Repressed
3- Thoughtful
4- Idealist
5- Bizarre

How would you like to be remembered? As something good. I'd like to be remembered for my acomplishments in life. Being good at what I love to do.

Extended Questions

What do you hope to accomplish in your life? My goal in life- well it's a rather large goal. Work from the bottom of course. But my life will be complete when I can see a film that wins an oscar. See that film and see my own name roll up somewhere in the credits. That's all I want. Like I said. To look back and say 'yeah, that was me'. Not as an actor or anything, you know what I mean.

Talk about one thing you feel strongly about. Why do you feel this way? Why are so many assumptions made these days? I think it's ideas forced on us by the media. Why should everything follow a certain code. Like after the events of Sept 11th. It's wrong, I know. But assumptions are made about religion. Every muslim is a terrorist. I know plenty of muslims and they're some of the most wonderful people on this earth. Stop and think. Prejudice is 'pre judging' making assumptions before you get to know it. Learn. Don't just dismiss something you don't understand. We have no right for hate when we know nothing. This is why I hate war. Assumptions. Something we could do without.

What makes you ‘you'
-I think too much. I think I do. ;)
-I have different interests to everyone else. It's a rarity to find somebody who likes the same things I do. Who like it as enthusiastically as me.
-I have many ideas that some people just don't understand. Sometimes I try to explain. But people rarely understand my explanations or perhaps I just talk to fast.
-I always make another reason for something with one reason. ...don't ask what this means, I'm not sure I do now that I read it again.


Who do you live with? My mum, my dad and one of my sisters.

What do you look for in a guy/girl? Somebody who is compassionate. Believes in themselves, confident, is worth my time. Somebody I know will love me back. This kind of person I have yet to find.

Who is your best friend? Idealy I say I love everyone the same. I don't have a best friend. Sometimes I'm not even sure I have real friends. That or I'm not a real friend to anyone else. I suppose because I'm quite sacred to myself. I love time to myself. But then there's is such thing as too much of a good thing.

How old is Julia? 86. Duh! What kind of question is this?

Apples or bananas?: Apples. No pesky banana skins to get rid of.

Worst habit: Rolling my eyes when I don't mean to.

Best Feauture: Physical? My legs.

Finish the sentences:

If you ever swallow a hippo just remember: to brush your teeth afterwards.

I cannot stand: Guns. They wer made for killing and they have no other purpose. Don't argue with me on this. I ahve a firm belief.

I absolutely adore: Jaffa cakes.

Marcus met an alligator half a mile from the equator: said 'later' and ate her. (I dunno, I guess it had to rhyme?)

I think that: people should laugh more often

You should accept me because: I know jinkleberry in person and I can give her food. XD

Question Of The Week:
How do you feel about Euthanasia? What kind of life is it to live as a vegetable. Not being able to do anything for yourself? It's humiliating. Death is a relief, right? This is one reason why people say suicide is selfish because it's an easy escape. If a dog was in that kind of condition they'd put it down because it would be cruel to keep it alive. hat's wrong with our soeciety? Oh yeah! Just about everything!

Your ability to judge others fairly:
Read the last application to be added to the community, dont read the comments of others: (Nekok's app)

Of their answers, which did you most agree with?
The beliefs on war, opinions on their society, favourite celebrity. Eliza Dushku is great!

Which did you least agree with?
Opinion on guns. My firm belief. But I'm sorry. Self defence? Surely there is a better way of defending yourself from somebody by shooting and killing them. That's what guns are for. For killing. For taking lives. Surely if you wish to defent yourself go for some of these self defence classes. Be clean about it. Guns can have you in court for murder. And what about all these accidents? Yeah I accidentally shot him and he died. That's hardly likely to happen with your other self defence methods.

What do you think of their ‘favourites’?
-I don't know these bands but I'm sure they're very good. I like Eliza Dushku. She's 'mazin. Of course. She's in Tru Calling. I really like that show.
Don't much like Pearl Harbour but A beautiful mind was a brilliant film.

What stood out most about their application?
Family/social values. 'I was taught', 'my mom always told me'... etc. I like that. somebody who doesn't dismiss some of the good morals taught by their parents and their environments. Too many people 'rebel' so to speak. Going ahead and doing everything they can to break every rule possible. I hope you know what I mean.

Overally, would you vote them yes or no? Yeah.

5 clear reasons as to why:
1) Well, moral values
2) Because she's not quick to be taken in by enforced unwritten rules of how people 'should' be. Like what's 'cool' or 'acceptable' in order to be accepted as a person.
3) Texas. Everything's bigger in texas, they say. With a name like Dixy, it's an automatic. ^_^ hehe... stupid reason, I know.
4) Charity. This implies a dedicated person. Which also implies more than just the surface. You know a depth sort of thing. -I don't explain well, do I?
5) Open-minded. We love this. We do.


Bryan Singer (left) and Stan Lee (right). My two favourite people. Director Bryan Singer and Stan Lee the amazing talent behind Marvel Comics- Spiderman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The fantastic four, X-men, The Daredevil... brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! We love them, we do!

Hi jenny!
Bye Jenny!

(Oh, there's that scream again, sounds like England just scored another goal.)
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